It's a mix between hip-hop and ballilatini, sensual and provocative.

The protagonist of the movements? Side B

TWERKING … or rather, the art of moving her hips to the rhythm of music. Yes, the typical movement of
Reggaeto 'n and Dembow, which makes women feel as sexy (when they do) and attracts the attention of boys
(even when women do not do particularly well to tell the truth, then girls … go for it!) It also has a name and obviously to af # bbiarglielo were Americans!  Literally "Twerking" is an English word which refers to a type of dance in which a dancer (Yes, because usually
are women to engage in this kind of ballo…ma personally I also see it making a beautiful ra gazzo!),
shake your hips up and down quickly, thus creating a flickering on the buttocks, sometimes also "mimicking" a relation s sexual attempts. And that is why it is very blurry the line between sensuality and profanity. The first is beautiful and engaging, if a little boost … the second … a little less. Especially if it's a woman. So girls, I recommend … go for it, but be careful not to cross that thin line and to remain sexy, but never vulgar!
According to the web version of the Oxford Dictionary (Oxford Dictionary), to which it was added just last year, even though it was around for about twenty years, the English word "twerk", of uncertain origin means: "dance music popular in a sexually provocative manner involving the hip thrust movements in a squatting position".
To explode the mania of twerk it was pop star Miley Cyrus that he performed a demonstration rather explicit about this ball in August last year at the MTV Video Music Awards. Since then it's all a proliferate on the Internet more or less known characters who engage in the art of moving fanchi: to understand the spread reached at twerking has been dedicated an episode of American tv series Glee, inte ra on the kind of Fame, in which a group of high schoolers "nerds"-not just the school's most wanted, say-they get their revenge and the long-awaited "popularity contest" , much coveted by young Americans, thanks to the participation to "Glee Club", where singing and dancing are able to express all the emotions and the probl typical adolescent emi.
But probably the more sensual version circulating on the web is that of Rihanna that in his video "Pour It Up", offers a decidedly interpretation … boost and provocative, where the limit mentioned earlier is very very weak. And if you really want to be honest, the first twerking that comes to mind is definitely older than … who can forget the scene in "Dirty Dancing" in which Baby carries the watermelons and find the hotel staff engaged in sensual and provocative dances? You couldn't already define twerking?
But the American's then twerking? Actually, no! What music is more suited to spin the basin if not the reggaeton and dembow, that we love so much and make us unleash clubbing? Yes, avet and read correctly: CLUBBING! Because thanks to these two rhythms, Latin music is "absolving" and also spreading outside of its environment.

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