The special broadcast of the Banco Popular always creates great expectations among the people, and this year even more with reaffirming the ties between Cuba and Puerto Rico.

The next edition, called “Cuba y Puerto Rico son …” will be presented Sunday, December 6, at 8 in the evening on the main television channels, including Univision Puerto Rico, like other of the United States and the Internet.

The musical offering is very promising attended by artists like Juan Pablo Díaz and Issac Delgado (“Puerto Rico”), Pedro Capó and Kristal Fonrodona (“Quizás, quizás, quizás”), Charlie Aponte and Aymee Nuviola (“C”), Roy Brown and Diana Fuentes (“La maza”), Misa’s Gallo (“Vamonos pa’l monte”), Lími-T 21 (“Las fiestas de la Navidad”), Vivanativa (“Cruzando puertas”), Pablo Milanés y Buena Fe (“Los días de la Gloria”) , Yibáro (“Guantanamera”), Tito Auger and Ivette Cepeda (“Oubao Moin”), Hermes Croatto (“Soy borinqueño”), and Havana D’primera and Antony Alexander Abreu & (“La Negra Tomasa/A Bilongo”), and others.

Richard l. Carriόn, Managing Director of Popular, noted that recently the television “makes it possible to create bonds and relationships. People realize that we are the same. Every time I go to Cuba, I feel at home … you have to encourage a new Exchange, a new opening.

Ángel Askew was responsible for managing the production, Luis Amed Irizarry was part of the musical direction and Euskady Cinetrex, the total output of Burgos. Cuba joined the record companies 4 c and El Central. All coordinated by the musicologist and announcer Elmer Gonzales.

The DVD of “Cuba y Puerto tico son …” will be available from December 7, however, production on CD will be on sale at all branches of Banco Popular, The Fundaciόn Nacional Popular culture and in record stores as well as at Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

On December 6 will take place, for free, the event “BPOP Musical” from Urban 4:00, Bahia, with some artists who will take part in this special. It only required a donation per family for a child under the age of ten years which will support this Fundaciόn Banco Popular.

“Un pueblo que canta” (1993), “El espíritu de un pueblo” (1994), “Somos un solo pueblo” (1995), “Al compás de un sentimiento, la música de Pedro Flores” (1996), “Siempre Piel Canela, la música de Bobby Capó” (1997), “Romance del Cumbanchero” la música de Rafael Hernández (1998), “la música por dentro, cien años de historia” (1999), “Guitarra mía, a tribute to José Feliciano” (2000) “Raíces” (2001), “Encuentro” with Draco Rosa, Juan Luis Guerra and Rubén Blades (2002) and “Ocho Puertas” (2003) were the first to cause a strong impact with the public.

To these are added “En mi país” (Christmas 2004), “Querido Reyes Magos” (2005), “Viva Navidad” (2006), “Lo mejor de nuestra música popular, 15 años de éxitos” (2007), “Echo” (2008), “Palés y la rumba de esquina” (2009), “Salsa, homenaje a El Gran Combo” (2010), “Are, are”, a tribute to Tite Curet Alonso (2011), “Hecho con sabor a Puerto Rico” (2012) , “Música en tiempos” (2013) and “Qué lindo es Puerto Rico” (2014). 

The proceeds of the sale will benefit the Fondaciόn Banco Popular which will distribute to schools or institutions, musical programs aimed at children and young people of Puerto Rico.

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December 2, 2015

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