il son

The Son

Described by Fernando Ortiz as "a love story between an African drum and a Spanish guitar," the son is the epitome of Cuban music. Born in the eastern region of the country in the late 19th century, the son is a passionate blend of two genres: danzón, a European-style ballroom dance to be performed in pairs within a coordinated group and the hypnotic rhythm of rumba.

By the time the son arrived in Havana, around 1909, the music began to include vocals, the Cuban tres, double [una specie di chitarra]bass, Bongos, claves and maraca[legnetti]s; While the trumpet was added over the years 1930. Were the claves to keep time to the music and the dance steps. Today you can hear the son everywhere – on the street, in parks and squares of cities as in cafes, restaurants and casas de la trova, in all the[locali con musica dal vivo] towns and villages scattered on the island.

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