The Salsa and Caribbean culture

The Salsa and Caribbean culture will never die but the evenings are changed from a few years ago, and radically. Someone mentions "spirit lost", others of "marketing": what we can say with certainty is that Latin music and the public have evolved. The Salsa and Bachata mix themselves increasingly with urban genres and opened the doors of the ballrooms rhythms has always considered "callejeri". Omega has cleared the merengue urbano (or de calle) in us and European und look over and other artists have followed in his footsteps. Reggaeton, Cubaton, Dembow invaded the dance floors and now are the masters. The traditional salseros? They have obviously crooked nose but success is unquestionable: on the charts of Billboard urban compilations (our "I Love", "Dembow" … ED) arrive each year at the top and there remain for months. Long wave started years ago and only now has completely seduced Europe, co me we already told you in the last issue with the introduction of the Dembow even in a transmission with classic ingredients like dancing with the stars. But his wondrous ' of this phenomenon lies in the natural generation change of the niche of the evenings Latina Latin Urban Music and is now in the mostly Italian and European dancefloors. Evenings are open to a new audience, the dance and hip hop. The Latin urban music mixes European urban music and create different scenarios, both in music and in the videos. The cinema has immediately noticed this interesting shift and son or born Elm as "Street Dance 2". A case that the protagonist is a salsero of excellence as Maykel Fonts and that the soundtrack is based on historical orchestras like Los Van Van? But mix to meet and "marry" with hip hop, as happens now in the evenings Latina all over Italy.  What happens then in the coming months? urban salsao?

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