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The New Salsa

The New Salsa

from Latin! 48 June 2012
The Salsa is danced in Europe again and much, much less the United States instead. Puerto Rican and Cuban music production is shut down and you wonder if there is still a future for de Salsa music?
We did a little survey amongst the DJs, and it appears that we still dancing Salsa so much, despite the advent of new ritm

I like the dembow and reggaetón
Who travels knows, in Cuba, Puerto Rico, NY, Miami, salsa concerts are no longer "sold out" as they once were, the Puerto Rican salseros artists are dying out for reasons of age, and there are more new artists to take the baton, in Cuba the same happens and apart from Maykel Blanco and Alexander Abreu, Timba scene is suffering so much.
As we mentioned earlier in Latin! 46, they are taking advantage artists Dominicans, Venezuelans, etc. the only ones that currently are churning out new hits salsa from success really popular, and so are the new stars of Alex Matos (the salsero of the moment, is David!), Hamlet (more new Dominican salsero is growing rapidly), while Grandmaster Porfi Baloa y sus Adolescentes (direct from Venezuela) after a period of stop preparing the great return , and Sexappeal other salseros Dominicans) seem to have returned already stronger than ever.
Latin! It is as always at the forefront, witness of changes, and often we even promoters, which is why we offer the CD provided with this issue, the 5 new super hits the sauce now, interpreted by the leading architects of NUOVASALSA: Alex Matos, Porfi Baloa y su Adolescentes, Hamlet, Grupo Niche, Sexappeal. Will these heroes to keep the sauce at the same level of popularity of the past? We at Latino! We think of you, and you?
Please email me your views via email (this email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), we will publish the most interesting emails in the next issue, Latin! 49. We are waiting for you!

La Salsa Vive? Here is the point of view of DJs
"The sauce is a little bit down, says Fabrizio Zoro-but because there's been an exponential growth of bachata. Suffice it to say that an artist like Usher it started to do bachata! " But speaking of sauce, he, as a dj, struggling to put new sauces, in the sense that the audience prefers to dance salsa "old", probably because even great as Victor Manuelle, doesn't offer anything interesting, except maybe the Gran Combo. "As regards products coming from abroad, in places frequented mostly by Latins, I noticed that is very successful," says Zoro-Alex Matos, a young Dominican making melodic sauce … and what appeals to Latinos, sooner or later also love Italians! ".
Pepe Bassan argues that there is a drop of sauce, if anything there is a decline of fantasy, there are many remakes, there are many productions, but a few new songs. "Certainly the crisis even in this world, he says-but mainly because many, rather than falling in love with the music took a fancy to the dance … and loves last, while the cooked pass". According to him, Puerto Rico, Miami and Cuba continue to get her Masters in productions, although maybe I'm a bit down. But often the crisis lead to a rebirth, a renewal, to make cleaning the fluff. "This waiting for me – concludes-and then so be it!".
Oliver Peña says that the sauce is even stronger than other kinds. "Now it is very fashionable the reggaetón-says-but I think it's a fad and anyway that's not to say that the sauce is decreasing. The sauce lives and will live forever. Of course, with differences between countries, for example now in Venezuela, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia Peru and many other countries the sauce is the most listened-to music ".

Of the same opinion also Ricky Espino, back from a trip to Venezuela and in Peru where the sauce is absolutely the most listened music genre (there are several radio stations that transmit only salsa from morning to night!) and danced. "The crisis is there, he says we can't deny it, but in General: the great orchestras recorded less because the production companies no longer want to invest. But in some countries the trend is the opposite: the Venezuelan Government has allocated funds for the promotion of Venezuelan salsa Orchestras. And in Peru are in strong ascent the salsa schools online and especially on the 2. Not only: the Dominican Alex Matos, after a huge success in his country and New York City now is experiencing a very happy time here in Italy ".

And here comes Dj Pupo: "what is spreading, and that Alex Matos is an example, it is a kind a little weird, it seems that do not have the clave. is a special sauce, which seems to regain some years ' 80, very melodic, with romantic lyrics. Let us not forget, however, that Italy is a major producer of tomato sauce, perhaps with Latin artists ". He believes that most Latin dances, but in a different way, not just as "dancing couple": see the advent of artists like Pitbull and Wisin & Yandel, also known by those not dancing salsa.

Finally, Mirko Vicar believes that unlike a few years ago, who dances salsa has begun to sharpen their ears, perhaps thanks to the dancing masters, perhaps thanks to DJs but mainly due to the desire to know something more that goes outside of the usual sounds Puerto Ricans or Cubans. And that's why the artists themselves are trying to change their musical sources trying genres that in theory they don't compete, one example is women Gente de Zona who with El Cata try the merengue. "I noticed he adds, even a return to older music, that of author … and for us DJs is a godsend from Heaven because at least we can indulge in trying songs dusty but still beautiful! "

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