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Two months ago has been announced, the market, the new album of Los Van Van. The album Fantasy was produced without the physical presence of Juan Formell and left fans in suspense. With Samuel Formell and Robertόn I spoke of this new creation.

We started talking about the cover design and Samuel said, "once we had a chance to make it big this job in particular the album cover thanks to Ernesto Racaño. It's a very cute and there's a picture of an elephant represents strength and boost that distinguishes our music.

When you open the package you find a very pretty picture which shows the kiss between a father and son: Juan and Samuel, and in fact I am concerned with the preparation of this disk without the physical presence of Formell.

It was a great challenge for which I had to be prepared but I didn't think so soon. We knew what we wanted for this album, we had three songs prepared prior to departure and then we started to work for this album. First we had to follow certain commitments for the concert and then we jumped headlong into this work and we are very happy. "

In relation to the authors say this: "Robertόn has created two themes, five of my father, two played by Robertόn and one of them sings my dad, who is the subject and even the album title. There are also two my compositions. "

"We discovered that people are very happy with these new songs, made in the United States and had need for a product like this."

Taking advantage of Robertόn, I talk to him on "fashion", commonly known as "Keratin".

"Well, I categorically not a composer by trade. Sometimes things come to my mind and I am writing on the staff thanks to maestro Juan Formell, with whom work for twenty years. I acquired this ability to be aware on how do you create a song that has always distinguished the work of Los Van Van. "

"With this theme, fashion, success has been amazing since the music video, which is very personable and reflects our. When you go out in the street and feel that someone starts a simple conversation can sprout a song by Los Van Van; for this, seeing the boom that had the Keratin in our women occurred to me a trendy theme that makes her more beautiful. "

When asked about other video clips, Samuell acknowledged that "this is a fundamental support for the promotion of the disc and is a way of continuing to offer the public the best, this says a lot about the image we want to give our fans. The next video will be another Robertόn song called Somos Diferente and we are confident that people will appreciate a lot. "

As I asked about upcoming shows, they have shown very happy to leave for the Republic on Sunday where they will perform for the first time.

As I write, listen to the imagination and I am convinced more and more that Formell is present in this work. I look up and I let myself be carried away by this unmistakable rhythm that, from the beginning, Cuban sounds.

Article written by Marino Luzardo March 12, 2015 and the stroke.

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Translation and adaptation by Mariangela Bognolo to

March 16, 2015-03-16

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