The top ten reasons the apogee and the parable of the salsa

The top ten reasons that have determined the apogee of salsa are the same as in their negative have led to the current downward parabola:

1° if the sauce has always been linked to the phenomenon of migration, it should be noted that in recent times the Latin American community has completely eclipsed (with the exception of a few successful teacher). Hispanics have finished with the isolate. In Rome, for example may only attend certain purely local Latinos as Los Compadres and carefully avoided to go Italian temples of Latin music.

2° If the success of the sauce has been boosted by the interest to destinations in the Caribbean, it is also true that that kind of audience, a lover of travel, adventure or of Latin American culture, also has gradually eclipsed. In the years ' 90, the sauce were approaching people more sensitive, dynamic, more vital, more curious. Today, the vast majority rather than a cultural interest approaches the sauce in order to fill a void or affective passion. And once filled: "Hello! And who has seen it has been seen! … "

3° If the success of tropical music is due to his contagious joy, it is also true that that model began to enter into crisis when people realized that not even the sauce was a happy island. Unlike the "trip of the dance" has unleashed a fiercely competitive climate and for many it became a source of frustration or dashed expectations …

4° the coming before the house and then of techno-music definitely has driven many people to find refuge in local Hispanics, but there is no doubt that the entry barriers that we have created around the dance floor, along with the mindset that we have imported from the world of disco, have made environment increasingly selective sauce.

5° If the sauce has gone to meet the needs of communication and socialization of a part of the audience is also true that the enlargement of that band has accentuated the divisions, giving voice to different needs both generations in terms of music and dance.

6° If we assume that in each one of us beats the heart of latino, there would, however, wonder how many salseros love Latin music. Many actually love the dance but I'm not attracted to live music, especially that due. This is demonstrated by the fact that, recording level, the sauce has remained a niche reality absolutely.

7° If one of the reasons for the success of the sauce lies in the therapeutic power of dance and its ease of execution, there is however to reveal that, over the years, the sauce is more and more to get complicated, ended up less talented or simply less demotivate those people motivated.

8° if the birth in Italy of some orchestras has contributed to spreading the sauce (in Rome, in the early ' 90, there were at least a dozen orchestras), it is also true that live music is now almost entirely disappeared from our evenings and also various concerts (with the exception of the summer) are often deserted.

9° If paramount was the contribution of all those professionals (teachers, animators, deejays, organizzatorii) that have proven to be the best ambassadors of this culture, it is unfortunately true that the war which is then triggered to conquer the market is threatening to push us towards an umpteenth Caporetto.

10° at the end just dream power of salsa. The sauce continues to be associated with an eternal Carnival. For many fans is therefore the tropical dream, that desire to escape through dance and music makes us fly on that treasure island (Caribbean definitely) that each of us guards in their hearts …

At this point all we can do is hope that their "REDISCOVERING THIS DREAM," sooner or later we will find the magic formula that will make us rediscover the spirit of the origins …

March 5, 2010 at 13.39

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