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The Cuban band Los Van Van, led after the death of Juan Formell by his son Samuel, will begin next August a tour that will visit several cities in the United States and Puerto Rico, as reported by Radio Cadena Habana (RCH) from agency officials Clave Cubana.

The trip will begin on 7 with a concert in Washington DC, the New York 8, Boston 9, 13 in Los Angeles, while the 14 will perform at the Jazz Festival of the city of San Francisco.

Los Van Van will return the 15 in Los Angeles and 16 all supporters of Cuban music in Las Vegas will enjoy the extensive and anthology Repertory of the group founded by Juanito Formell in December 1969.

RCH reported that on 19 August Los Van Van will be attending for a job in the Escuela de Música in Chicago, for cultural exchanges between Cuba and the United States, and the orchestra has predicted a 20 gig in their Academy, traveling back to New York on 21.

The 22 so-called Tren de la Música Cubana will be exhibiting at the Convention Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the next day the dancers of Mayagüez will have the pleasure of playing with the orchestra more important than current Cuban music.

Texas will be the 28, 29 in Miami and the United States will end the musical for crossing 30 in North America with a concert in the city of Orlando.

Excerpted from the website of Radio Cadena Habana.   


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