Starting today we are la Rumba

We are the Rumba, is an event that takes place between 25 and 26 April in the Casa de la Música Habana, with the goal of promoting and encouraging the kind, considered the nation's cultural heritage.

This meeting, organized for the Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales (EGREM) recognizes and celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the Group Yoruba Andabo, also to pay homage to the figure of Chano Pozo in the centenary of his birth.

During the event, today, starting at 14, Habaneciendo in the piano Bar, there will be a theoretical meeting chaired by journalist and author Maria del Carmen Mestas, will present the leading researchers as Cary Diez Enrique Zayas, the Director Ramón Torres Lleana Gonzáles.

Saturday afternoon, the 17 is expected to be submitted by Yoruba Andabo, who will host the Group Timbalaye; and on Sunday, at the same time, the scene will be divided between Pupy y Los que Son Son and Mayito Rivera.


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N.B. The event has already taken place, but we felt it was important to put the news as the Rumba is considered the nation's cultural heritage.

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