Snowboy And The Latin Section – New York Afternoon

Mark Cotgrove, aka Snowboy, celebrates its 30th anniversary with a new production: New York Afternoon. With 16 productions to his credit, Snowboy, began as a DJ funk and soul, no doubt the development of salsa music in Europe. This musician, student of Robin Jones, has made his entire career, as happens in very few occasions, maintaining a production of musical character.

Its sound is different, and he knows it, and in addition, the upgrade, as in the case of this new production. The sound that the keyboard produces exceptionally performed by Neil Angilley, is unique and is a trademark. Even the voice of the Italian mark Gannon is unmistakable and helped solidify the sound of Snowboy.

Record labels as Polydor, Big Life, Acid Jazz, Uniquity/Cu-Bob, Chili Funck, and Freestyle Recordts, the latter has published the latest album Communication of 2009, have embraced the ideas of this good percussionist.

New York Afternoon we reserve some surprises, including American singers Marc Evans and Jen Kearney, as well as saxophonist Pete Wareham.

The name that gives the title to the album, composed by Richie Cole, is arranged by Snowboy as a tribute to the Big Apple, where highlights the saxophone solo by Gary Plumley. Tres Tambores is a piece where David Gannon shows his skills as a singer and dangler.

Better is sung by Jen Kearney. Echalo Ya highlights the soloist Neil Angilley and its keyboards. Original OLE Mambo, Edmundo Ros, is, as the title suggests, a mighty mambo featuring the trombone by Paul Taylor and closing the congas, same Snowboy. The era of Palladium is a tribute to this event hall where Jose Cuberlo, Los Titos and Machito played. The piece was composed by David Pattman. Oxen Free was reintroduced from Kearney. The Triple Bluff is an incredible song made by the same Snowboy.


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January 16, 2016

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