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For many European salseros will be difficult to believe and swallow, but in 2012/early 2013 this fne country where you listen, dance, and produces no longer Puerto Rico Salsa, and even Cuba. Perhaps Colombia? Nooooo … The country salsero of mome nto, and maybe I will stay for a long time, it is the Dominican Republic, and Latin! He already had an-ticipato this trend precisam institution a year ago. But how is it possible that the homeland of the Bachata, the Me-rengue Dembow and is converting to the sauce? First Santo Domingo is a 30-minute flight from PuertoRico and the music of the two countries is heavily itself to each other: there are many cases of success merengueri (Dominican music purely) facts known to the world by Puerto Rican Artists, such as the legendary "Suavemente" which is perhaps the best known merengue, sung by Elvis Crespo , 100%, but for the artist nulladominicano boricua. It is also true that the Dominican Sauce is not born today, having reached international summits with Johnny Pacheco and Jose Alberto "El Canario" in past years; some other interesting piece was posted by Sexappeal and Michel, but what is happening today is something extreme, really new, curious. In the capital Santo Domingo the musical landscape has changed completely in a few months! The sauce is everywhere, listen to the gi ovanissimi as adults, it is side to side, many "colmados" (different shops that attract the customers with loud music to the most high volume road) replaced the hits of Bachata and Merengue with Domi-Dominicans, car subwoofers make vibrate the asphalt and glasses of cars 24 hours a day with the greatest hits Salsadel past and present , some important radio stations you have specialised in genre by broadcasting a very wide variety of classic repertoire or Salsa tunes, but listening peaks are obtained with the Dominican salsa hits of the moment, artists salseros are invited in the most important Tv programmes every day comes a musical nuovogruppo salsero, and street posters of the concerts are qu asi all prerogative salseros events While the affiches that advertise concerts of merengue and bachata are always me no present, and in the provinces, even if a little late, the trend salsera is the same. Confirmation of this is that New York City is always attentive to the changes and the new as well as second homeland of Dominicans, is faithfully following the trend, acting as a sounding board for this world. Latin clubs especially, but also in radio en elle streets of Manhattan, the Bronx, New Jersey, Queens, Dominican sauce is raging. Latin! proposes in this issue 52 listening, on the enclosed CD, two super hits Dominican sauce of the moment: Victor Waill "Soy Algo Facil de Olvidar" and "Maldita Primavera" Yiyo Sar ante. We propose also an exclusive interview to the Dominican salsero who first climbed the classifche Billboard, fresh from his recent European tour: Alex Matos.



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