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Omara Portuondo

Talk to Omara Portuondo is natural for all Cubans, like breathing, walking and living. His voice has been with us for decades letting us try different feelings closely tied to emotions and special moments in our lives.

It was my mother's favorite singer and this is present in the memories, I think about my parents, and I am always surprised of his style that I define unique.

Perhaps because of this I like his company. When I had the chance to interview you, makes you feel good and clear with a smile that distance you could perceive.

Thursday, February 13 at the Chaplin film culture center habanero, will be exposed "Omara: Cuba" a documentary by producer Lester Hamlet, fictional character in the Italian film which has an artistic sensibility that moves us and fascinates us. This documentary was no exception.

Relying on the testimony of other great figures of Cuban culture, we enter into the life of Omara, from its birth to the present day. Let's see, as well, his ancestors, his children and the reason why, when he dies, the Cuban will be heard as he said in one of his most famous songs.

Deep reflections are offered by Cuban historian Eusebio Leal, which defines it as "la cubanía himself"; While Pablo Milanes clarifies his admiration and friendship for this woman.

In the piece, Tete García Caturla and Xiomara Valdés recall the old days when were part of the Quartet of Aida, and Santiago Alfonso Omara speaks with such a depth, as known to have been close in every moment of his life.

Luis Carbonell appears in the audiovisual sector to fill of praise, in a profound way, Portuondo's career; Meanwhile Rose Fornés he flattereth away his style in expressing the feeling of a song. Chucho Valdés says thanks to the life and the opportunity to work with Omara; José María Vitier remembers the first time she heard his voice, and Amaury Pérez defines what does this diva of the song for the world and for Cuba.

There are also others who talk about their impressions of Omara as Director Fernando Pérez, who a few years ago produced a documentary; Ángel Díaz, founder of the movement of feeling; Rodulfo Vaillant, President of the Union of writers and artists of Cuba in Santiago de Cuba province; and Lázara Herrera, widow of Santiago Álvarez and the Director of the Office that bears the name of the great Director.

According to Lester Hamlet, the documentary "was the result of nearly three years of investigation, and archive research. More complicated was sum up a life as intense as that of Omara in just 90 minutes, however if this result was achieved thanks to the support of the Oficina de Omara Portuondo, Cuban Institute of music, Montuno Producciones Colibrí label and with whom this sees the light.

I feel happy because for the first time a documentary was created from a record company who comes to the halls of the cinema, this says a lot between the collaboration between the various institutions. We think of Omara what time is it in Cuba to do the presentation, because it has a busy schedule and hope in his presence at the premiere of the documentary.

What most impresses me, in making the documentary, is to show that Omara is simply itself, beyond the large descriptions that describe "the bride of the sense" or "the Diva of the Buena Vista Social Club".  Moves to see how she was a humble person and simple anytime, nothing could dent the naturalness that sets it apart. "

For his part, Martha Bonet, Director of Hummingbird, expressed his satisfaction in welcoming such a beautiful project and reiterated that it will do its best to sell this material as soon as possible, because it is a real gem in the history of Cuban music.

For Omara there was another gift: "I say like Violeta Parra: thanks to life that has given me so much. I feel very happy to share this moment with my many friends, because I'm a friend of all Cubans, so they can see how I see it. There's nothing better for an artist to feel loved, and so I feel wherever I go. "

Next to it I really enjoyed the documentary and was thrilled to see how surprised some sentences that I said and with the expression of others on his art and his person. Surrounded by her family, her son Ariel and his nephew Drew, say as always very clearly "what it takes to live are the smiles".

Yes, Omara! Before so much greatness we can only quote the title of one of your most recent discs, and say thank you! Thanks for this immense artistic legacy that is our pride.

Article written by Marino Luzardo February 13, 2015 and the stroke.

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Translation and adaptation by Mariangela Bognolo to

February 22, 2015

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