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Two celebrity of Latin American music, the Puerto Rican Marc Anthony and Colombian Carlos Vives, would be willing to sing in Cuba, in the near future, although did not specify a date.

Tuesday, it was announced the tour Unido2, a series of 11 concerts for cities of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The musicians have not hidden their desire to visit the island and the Cuban public, in line with the new policy, backed by President Barack Obama.

"Even if there is no nothing, of course has always been present in my mind because[andare a Cuba] I have traveled all over the world and I have not been able to walk in the land where she was born to music I sing … I'd like to give a concert in Cuba, "says Antony in a meeting with the journalist in Miami.

From his own voice.

At least this time the urge to travel to Cuba comes from the voice of the artist. Early last year, Antony was forced to refute official information transmitted from a radio station in Cuba, where he recounted the alleged two gigs on the island and on negotiating with the family of the deceased composer and singer Polo Montañes about purchasing the rights of his songs.

At the press conference Tuesday, Vives seconded his colleague.

"We were educated according to Cuban culture, I think the whole Latin America received the affection of Cuba and all that Cuba has given us, that's why I'd be intrigued to sing one day in Cuba," said the Colombian artist, a native of Santa Marta.

By the time La Habana is not within the city of the tour, the two artists will start the next 11 and 12 September from Coliseo José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Exchange of culture and friendship

Unido2 then will stop in Las Vegas, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, New York, Boston, Washington, Dallas, Houston, Texas, Los Angeles and San Jose, California and will end on November 25.

"It's a cultural exchange, musical and friendship that becomes a perfect excuse to celebrate together," said the Puerto Rican musician.

The idea of holding a tour together comes after the experience of success due to the collaboration on the song "Cuando nos volvamos a encontrar" included on the album Más Profundo Corazόn (2014) by Vives.

Antony and Vives are considered two emblematic Latin stars in United States and around the world. The Puerto Rican musician has a great international popularity, with multiple gold and Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and won two Grammy Awards and five Latin Grammys.

Vives is a UNICEF Ambassador and is considered the great master of modern v[1]allenato. He received a Grammy Awards and 12 Latin Grammys.

Article written by Café Fuerte and present in Suenacubano of April 2, 2015 and taken from

The referral link is vives-quieren-cantar en cuba/

Translation and adaptation by Mariangela Bognolo to

[1] Musical genre characteristic of the State of Colombia.

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