The sauce, in my amazing trip to Sicily I went to dance on some nights and I was very impressed with the fact that (regardless of the level of the dancers always very high and the preparation of dee jays) SALSA, unlike in the past, no longer dominates as it once was.

In areas where I went, the music selection (with the exception of Agrigento where there was no trace of Angolan rhythms) was divided "generally" in two sauces, two bachatas and kizomba.

Clearly the justification of dee jays and organizers is the need to attract a different audience (especially young people) focusing on dancing easier assimilation.

It's the usual refrain of "people you want to have fun!"

But my question is "why the SAUCE DOESN'T have fun?"

Years ago the bachata and kizomba did not exist; the music selection was made up of 10 sauces and maybe a merengue and yet not only people enjoyed it tremendously but locals, unlike today, they were all full.

Of course, times change and also the taste of the new generations change, however, imagine a pair of salseros that goes maybe to an evening of SALSA and a programming now finds himself dancing Yes and no six tracks (with hopes who's "TRUE SALSA" and not timbaton or salsaton). Difficult than that couple back again to dance at the Club. 🙁

Unlike the speech if one is single as in a mixed evening will absolutely not only met his teeth but also delicious bargains for tow … 😉

They add in conclusion? That everyone is entitled to enjoy themselves and therefore they are MIXED nights!!!

The hope is that in the future will be born throughout Italy (fortunately in Rome already there are) completely dedicated to SALSA evenings (perhaps with the addition of son, mambo and chachacha) that is given to the real salsomani a chance to unleash all their passion.

And this will happen only if the masters of SALSA instead of boicottarsi each other will join …

By Nathan Chan


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