Kizomba Effect

Italian Latin dance enthusiasts who among us hasn't yet noticed that bachata we learned in courses that's not dancing Dominicans that bachata they invented? Who didn't realize that, by dint of wanting to improve on the figures of salsa, Italian dancers took a very different from the original model, to the point that if invites you to dance a latino touches you negotiating style? And what's worse, who among us didn't realize from the faces strained in performance, from the ball without maintaining eye contact, gestures super studied that very often in Italy Latin dancers dance to perform rather than to have fun? From this fact it is party DJ El Puma (Franco Attanasio) Venezuelan, arrived in Italy 30 years ago and pioneer of Latin music in Italy, to launch along with Charles Calkins, Ken Venturi and Fernando Domingos Rodrigues Nisham, Kizomba project Italy starring a dance that comes from Africa. Latin nights animator of Emilia Romagna in the years 90, DJ El Puma individuatendenze and launches from his mixer, and why they call it a cure famous compilation as "Noche Cubana", "Margarita Caliente", "Bachata Caliente", "Reggaeton Caliente". Together with his brother Lance dances known as "Mueve La Colita", becoming over the years a guru of Latin Italian scene. "I can say definitely keep El Puma-to be both actor who witnessed a cultural phenomenon that in Italy lasts for thirty years but lately he's turned losing energy and vitality. When I found myself dancing to force over the weekend I knew I had to do something to change. " It's the thrill of dance more than the dance itself that allows El Puma to win cultural prejudice and find that the same excitement and pleasure that they did fall in love with the Latin music the whole world still exist, genuine and immediate, in a dance of Angolan origin: Kizomba. " While for years we also tells El Puma-Kizomba until a few months ago was not very widespread in Italy. My passion and Charles Calkins, Ken Venturi and Fernando Domingos Rodrigues Nisham, gave birth to the Kizomba Project Italy (, premiering in September 2013 with an event that marked the point between the before and after. " This is the Event that 2012, the Italian Festival KIFE Kizomba in September 2012 brought together in Trieste about 250 alliev the curious to learn this new sensual couple dancing. "The idea I just thought of experimenting on me" Kizomba "effect-tells Charles Calkins, fnanziatore and organizer of the event. "Attending to the Salsa festival in Rovinj in Croatia when I was to follow a course of Kizomba and I never changed gender. I had rediscovered the thrill of dance d the torque. So I started and I made the first KIFE ". The success was greater than alleaspettative and gave l a ripple effect. "We are preparing the second edition of which will be held from 12 KIFE precise Carlo at 15 September, again in Trieste and were about 400 enrolled nearly double last year when missing 5 months. It's a unique festival because i invited the world's leading exponents of Kizomba 5: Petchu & Vanessa, Afrolatin Connection, Antonio Bandeira, Kwenda Lima, Albir & Sara "I mean this year's phenomenon is destined to grow further, thanks to the passion of El Puma & friends:" the reason I Latin I am working so hard in the dissemination of a dance that does not belong to my tradition, concluded El Puma-is it because I hope the Kizomba project Italy can spread this dance faithfully by sparing the fate befallen the Latin dances, so changed from the original to make them unrecognizable. It would be a shame to go lost that mix of emotions that I found in this dance of torque and that of which I foresee a ripple effect even higher than that obtained in Italy from bachata ".

Kizomba Effect!


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Baile Kizomba Effect: the emotion … back to prom!

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