In my opinion, the masters of salsa should not focus only on the ball, but should ensure that their pupils can love im primis "music", becoming so "fans of salsa". Passionate Yes, but not for a short period of time (maybe what you need to get a boyfriend/girlfriend) but for life …

Assuming that the concept of quality is highly opinibabile, the real problem is to agree on what kind of music do you promote:

degree, classic, modern, single-lane or 360°?

Before we answer this question we should ask ourselves:

"What does prefer to ground a kind relative to each other?"

Personally, I think the taste of the people is determined by three factors:

1) music that normally feel on the premises they frequent.

2) music listening in their school.

3) music who have maybe heard during their travels in the origin countries.

It is good though to underline how the taste of salsero also based attend evolves average of this world. Among other things, being the salsa music not easy assimilation it is logical that the beginner is, at the beginning of his career, attracted more by the salsa romantica that is a successful fusion of rhythm and melody. Then with time, its taste will evolve towards a type of sauce definitely more complex especially in terms of rhythmic.

There is no doubt, at the same time that many salseros (some of them from the world of nightclubs) are now attracted to a certain type of sound rather than by other more dated. This explains their fondness for those songs to salsa with sampled bases and using effects, synthesizers or drum machines. What somewhat despicable some call techno-salsa or sauce untz untz.

Schools definitely determine very much the musical taste of their pupils. The music with which practicing in class is also the one that you would then listen to the premises. It is known though that, paradoxically, are just a few schools to foster confusion. A confusion caused at times by the ignorance of some teachers who don't know them first to distinguish a sauce on the other.

So then the wrong beliefs are rampant, such as that there is a music suitable for a particular dance style in contrast to another, finding himself to divide the sauce according to its geographical origin, forgetting the most diverse currents can coexist in the same country rather than between them.

I am however convinced that if there was increased collaboration between deejays and masters would be possible "to form" more taste of new generations dear salseras/os around and therefore improve the musical offering in our salsoteche.

From this point of view the lectures and demonstrations of "listening to music" that you are beginning to organize around Italy spontaneously are definitely notable.

In our popular impetus on but let us fall into the trap of being deaf to the needs of the public.

For example, long ago during an evening salsera, a girl came up to dee jay to ask him a song by Marc Anthony and he replied:

"If you don't like the music that I put you can stay at home too! …"

Wouldn't it be better then what it was that dee jay to get home to listen to the music that he likes?

In my opinion an interesting thing to do, especially in class, is to speak of the songs that you use. Tell maybe anecdotes on that particular song, explain who sings, in that genre it fits. 

Another interesting initiative that I recommend to all the masters is to prepare music compilations that give the opportunity to students to broaden their horizons. Maybe you will not be able to raise awareness of who is there just to get laid, but surely we can at least stimulate the curiosity of the people most motivated …

February 19, 2009 at 15.56

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