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Havana D'primera: predictions for 2015

Havana D'primera: predictions for 2015

Havana D'primera, not many have the privilege to talk to Alexander Abreu, right in her home, and then travel to Havana by listening to a preview of her new compositions, accompanied by comments and opinions of the author.

During the trip from la Playa to old Havana, the musician said that he was inspired to several songs on the album he is preparing for his orchestra. He confessed his musical preferences and predicted the success of titles such as "La mitad", "El juego de la vida", "Lo bueno y lo malo", "Después de mil lunas" and "La vuelta al mundo".

Without a doubt, one of the crucial moments of dialogue and took place when the gifted conductor, composer and instrumentalist revealed to SuenaCubano his ideas for the year just started.

These are the statements that he wanted to share:

  • "I'm always experimenting. This year I want to accomplish a repertoire of concert music to let people know that I'm a musician always turned right to conquer the circuits of the leading jazz festivals.
  • At the end of 2014 I attended the Barcelona Jazz Festival where I had the opportunity to sing with the Group Irakere. This year will see new proposals along with the maestro Chuco Valdés.
  • Soon it will be a new song by raggaeton of Baby Lores. This time I decided to other genres like salsa and bachata. Invited me to sing together and to create one of the texts.
  • Havana d'primera will continue in the usual club, I don't like losing my spaces. Many people tell me: why work so hard, you could tire out the orchestra; but I play music to remain with the public, it's a cycle we need to live.
  • Every Tuesday morning we at Casa de Music de Miramar, and Thursday night we offer an exclusive concert.
  • In 2015 I plan to find new ways for people to make the audience closer to the Havana d'primera and can learn more about each of the members of the orchestra. Each of them has something to say. "

Meanwhile the objective of Suenacubano is that the musician is continuing to promote the hit single "La Cosquillita" composed and created by Carlos Diaz and QVA libre.

The single is available on iTunes "Las Cosquillita".


Article taken from, translation and adaptation by Mariangela Bognolo to

January 28, 2015

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