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Gino Brigida

Gino Brigida (Gino Producer) started in 2006 as a dj in a small Latin nightclub in the Centre of Genoa and opens the first channel dedicated to Bachata on You Tube (Ginobatto bachata Chanel) later in 2008 begins to collaborate with the production studio Blue Sound Estudios up to be co/producer of hits such as Cuando en el silencio of Voz a Voz and Otro Corazon of Evidence. In 2011 produces its first bachata with Grupo Natural entitled a tear with the artistic collaboration of Edgar Lopez and music label Hit Latin of Gregory Maes who subsequently will yield far many more successful with the artistic collaboration of bachatas maestro Carlos Carrasco El Sheke with artists like Luis Miguel del Amargue, Allendy, Chelion , Opalo, Alexandra, Voz a Voz, Jc and Grupo Rush.

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