The Puerto Rican singer Gilberto Santa Rosa announced that his next album will be dedicated to Son cubano, genre which it regards as the "father of salsa", so local media reports.

The Puerto Rican singer, who is promoting the live Edition of its award-winning album titled "Necesito un bolero", reported that his next album will be at 150% "salsero" and will be released in 2016.

Under the headline "Son de amor", the new album will contain collaborations with her former classmate Victor García and conductor of the orchestra La Sonora Sanjuanera who said "a singer, musician, poet and crazy".

"At the base there will be the Son, because for me he is the father of Salsa. When we hear the disc we hear that it's all about, "said Santa Rosa on a job that promised to have" long swing "(to dance) and trumpets" at the musical and instrumental.

"It will be an interesting mix," said Santa Rosa referring to Salsa and Son, one of the oldest genres of Caribbean and a native of Cuba.

Santa Rosa is known throughout the world as "El Caballero de la Salsa" and is a musician of high level and highly appreciated by the Cuban people. Has a long artistic career devoted primarily to Latin rhythms like salsa, bolero, guaracha, and others. He also collaborated with numerous artists of universal fame as Marc Antony, Carlos Vives, Ruben Blades, Ricardo Arjona and Juan Luis Guerra.

Last week was awarded the Latin Grammy Award for best traditional pop album right in the Puerto Rican singer with the album "Necesito un Bolero".

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