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The Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa has always been related to Cuban music and its musicians and its recent song proves it. The album titled Necesito un bolero includes 13 works, four of them are Juan Jose Hernandez, Tony Avila and Aloexis Valdes.

“It took six months of work because many were ideas, songs and sounds recorded with various manufacturers. I call it the disc traveler, “said Santa Rosa to the agency EFE.

The production contains melodic duets with stars such as Marco Antonio Solís, Natalia Lafourcade, Eugenia Leόn and other talented young Cuban: Lena, the grandson of the legendary singer Elena Burke.

Sometime after Santa Rosa confessed, during an interview with Prensa Latina, his admiration for music produced in Cuba. “Cuban music is the Foundation of what we do. Most important we call salsa rhythms are basically Cuban. “said the singer.

Necesito un bolero was nominated for a Grammy Award for best traditional folk Album 2015 Latinos. This disc is the third public production of Santa Rosa romantic taste. Only boleros y contraste has two other versions, one is a bolero and salsa.

Also known as the Knight of Salsa, Gilberto Santa Rosa played works by Cuban authors like Polo Montañes and Raul Paz, to cite two examples. Similarly, shared the international stage with artists from Cuba and has collaborated with Antony Reve and Charango.

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October 19, 2015

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