Many years have passed since way back in 1962 Jose Manuel Calderon sang the first bachata and again in 1964 with Radio Guarachita in Santo Domingo began planning the dissemination of this kind of music who subsequently had other artists like Luis Segura and Teodoro Reyes that followed to spread out in the year 2000 when bachata until the first success of Grupo Aventura or Cuando Volveras successful track in 2002 and that he did know bachata worldwide — Obesion.

After the Aventura people began to know and appreciate also other great bachateri who still play worldwide or Antony Santos, Frank Reyes, Raulin Rodriguez, Joe Veras, Elvis Martinez, Luis Miguel del Amargue, Yoskar Sarante y El Chaval. Bachata in a few years had a spread and success so great to overcome in sales and listen to salsa.

Over the past 3 or 4 years the Dominican Bachata was interpreted by other bachateri of Dominican descent who live most in United States by renowned Prince Royce to Toby Love, Daniel Santacruz, Jhonny Sky, 12:00 am, Domenic Marte, Karlos Rose, Chelion and others with a little different style which is sung in a more urban and more sound effects with music this genre called bachata urbana.

Lately, mainly through numerous dancers professions, you are spreading the bachata called fusion or sensual it would, as a matter of some, a more modern and different way to dance bachata but already in itself is a sensual dance. The questionable side is not primarily the dance itself, although it has many figures which differ completely from the Dominican classical dance, but it's the music that many dancers they use for their dances and choreography because it is often totally different from Dominican bachata — are pop songs, mostly in English, where some DJs insert only percussion that dictate the tempo of the dance then mostly remixes of Pop music. Clearly everyone has their tastes in this way is dance music but in my opinion it distorts the original business reasons mainly bachata. Already in the past he witnessed attempts at mergers, see the bachata tango. Musical side productions that were in the arrangement of tango, parts have been sporadic and without giving a definite trend. From the point of view of the dance pose the question to date what's left …

Article by Gino Brigid dj and record producer

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