Eres una droga

Eres una droga – Andy Milo

Andy Milo, aka Andrea Ferko, born and raised in Padova, a voice and a latino appearance, inside a guy very Italian, 
He is the new King of iTunes, its "Eres una droga" is permanent for the past three weeks in the top ten, of which the last at the top of the leaderboard.
"Eres una droga" an excerpt from toni raggaeton you can't help but dance, where next to the young Andy, class of 1985, does not go unnoticed, within the video clip, the extraordinary participation of Ilona Staller;
video clip that has already reached more than a million views on YouTube.
"Eres una droga" is the first single of the album soon to be released entitled Andy Milo all with songs in Spanish. 
The first album by Andy Milo instead is "Noche Latina", released 3 years ago that contains 10 beautiful songs, Latin style, but by the Italians.
Hot and sensual voice for this young singer-songwriter who has worked for two years to the album "Andy Milo", of which the first extract is a taste more succulent.

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