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Sometimes we try to make a nice gift for February 14, but for someone this year was easier than usual. It is one of the most famous and important Cuban singers of recent times, this weekend will sing love in the theater of major events and this certainly will be the best gift for your partner.

We converse with Descemer Bueno on

How to assimilate the international impact that has had on your work as a composer and performer?

It is impressive. Right now we are doing concerts in Portugal, a country that was totally alien to us, and even if your version of "Bailando" exists in Portugal, the theme you listen a lot more in Spanish. In this language the song was ranked 1st in this country, and we are proud that our language shall prevail. This fills us with joy and makes us understand that we are on track.

The collaborations have marked your career lately? What should have an interpreter to Duet with Descemer Bueno?

Usually I like to create affinity between two singers, very few are exceptions that I did like Hailay Gema Corredera, which are not composers but excellent interpreters of Cuban music. I try to record together the song and is what allows you to create affinities and also allows me to share my thoughts with anyone.

How do you like the fact that "Bailando" gave more opportunities to international market Areas people?

If you have earned. Resumed radio latina with Chino and Nacho, with Pitbull and, of course, with "Bailando", who spent 40 weeks in the category of best Latin song on Billboard, beating all records. I think it's for everyone is the sign of a before and an after.

Which Cuban artist you don't have sung but I'd like to do a song?

Will meet in me several requests to that effect. For example, in short I will engrave with Carlos Varela a song called "Cero a Cero", a beautiful song; I have another song with Raúl Paz called "Take it easy", and with the guys we're writing an essay and this makes me very happy.

As you planned the concerts this weekend?

Are a gift that I want to make the audience that has faithfully followed my career, and no better occasion than this, on the day of love and friendship. We have several romantic songs and I'm sure they'll spend an unforgettable night, Saturday 14 February 13 that is Friday.

Consider the fact of proposing new songs to the public? Do you have any news about it?

I'm working on two disks one BisMusic, which will be released soon, and the other will be a Duet as Estopa, Rosario Flores, Enrique Inglesias, Reyli Barba, Belinda; all this trying to reach countries like Mexico and Spain, which has a major impact in Latin America and nothing like the music makes it possible to build bridges between Nations and cultures. Some of these materials offer at Karl Marx, along with several guests but son surprises.

After the concert there will be another presentation in Cuba?

Later that Saturday, when the concert ends, I'll have another presentation to Don Cangrejo, if you let me.

February gives us Descemer, restless, versatile, eager to share with her audience all the joy it brings in and that made us through his songs. Sing along with him love and let us give them our applause and will not be the same elsewhere. What comes out of his hands is different and special for him because, simply, sounds of Cuba.

Article written by Marino Luzardo February 13, 2015 and the stroke.

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Translation and adaptation by Mariangela Bognolo to

February 26, 2015

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