Puerto Rico, 23/August 25, 2016

Yesterday we held a teacher's House to a beautiful cultural exchange REGGAETON without even the teacher Janet Orta and dee jays Jose a. Massas and Luis Antonio Salgado-Clara. The issue could only be the evolution of music and dance in Puerto Rico.
Very interesting was, for example, find out what happened in those years in Puerto Rico with REGGAETON.
REGGAETON, this kinda disrespectful actually originated in isla del encanto in the early 90 's, but while at first it was only a music of "barrio", marginal, suddenly took great strength when in 1992 a local Senator Velda Gonzalez, proposed to abolish it for obscenity not only texts but also video for vulgarity that accompanied the performance of interpreters such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, or.
At that point the curiosity towards this genre has exploded, and even those who did not know the REGGAETON eventually is concerned with transforming shortly thereafter this interest into a veritable fever that has infected all the youth.
But today in Puerto Rico there is not even a local dancing reggaeton and gender has completely lost strength.
You ask: why? What happened is that reggaeton with time became the distinctive music of the underworld to the point that in different events there have been no real gang shootings re-vali and thus the Puerto Rican people, began to fear, to desert all events related to this genre, forcing the artists Puerto Ricans to emigrate abroad.
Today, paradoxically, precisely because of its irreverence, for its great erotic charge REGGAETON is popular in Cuba, someone tries to impose it in Italy, but there where he was born is completely out of fashion, although from us nobody wants to say it. .. 🙁
By contrast, in Puerto Rico, great strength is picking up the sauce, evidenced by the rise of new local dance, new schools and a growing number of musical events.
In the years ' 90 the SALSA in Puerto Rico has lived a moment of deep decadence. The younger generation seemed to have turned their backs on preferring the emerging reggaetton
In those years to hold aloft the banner of the historic Puerto Rican salsa orchestras, besides, there were the masters Papito Jala Jala and Chacha Seguinot who had the merit of bringing together the best talents of the island (such as Felipe Polanco, Vivian Colon, Tito Ortos Eliut Sauce, Tania Santiago Gutierrez, Jorge Santana Cancel, Angel Martinez Davila, who in turn have been able to popularize the word salsero not only at home but even in Europe).
Cone things begin to change in the late 90 's with two different but complementary events:
1° in ' 97, held in San Juan de Puerto Rico on 1° Salsa World Congress organized by Eli Irizarry and Luis Delgado. An event that brings together the isla del encanto some of the best dancers in the world rekindling the interest of new generations to the sauce.
2° the following year Tito Ortos Gutierrez promotes, together with the municipality of San Juan, of an educational project that aims at no cost to teach people to dance Salsa in order just to keep and keep alive their traditions.
The project, which continues today, has a great hit to the point of being embraced by other municipalities and are today thousands upon thousands Puerto Ricans who started taking salsa lessons thus feeding a fever for this genre that is experiencing a second youth.
Do you think that Saturday there will be a concert with the participation of many of Gilberto Santa Rosa. Luis Enrique and Ismael Miranda, as soon there will be concerts by Ruben Blades, Willie Colon, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz along with Sonora Poncena.
Indeed, now that the Puerto Rican youth abandoned the reggaeton there is a return to roots, tradition and even rhythms like bomba and plena are experiencing a new youth …
Thing that can only do not make us happy!


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