Cuba e la sua musica

Cuba and its music

Cuban music, in recent decades from here have gone all new trends, fans are well aware that most Latin rhythms and dances, get it from the Isla Grande. Then, maybe as everyone says the Cuban musicians, to blame the "bloqueo" due to the cold war (still going!) with the United States, which has placed a wall between the two countries, Puerto Ricans have taken advantage by stealing the roots of Cuban Son and reinventing the sauce, then rolling it in New York, a rhythm born in Cuba but "hijacked" by Puerto Rican and Newyoricans. So at least say all Cubans. One thing is for sure, 100%: Cuban music has greater appeal and success in Europe than in the USA, famous characters for the Italian public as Charanga Habanera or Maykel Blanco etc. they are almost unknown in the United States, but real idols of Salsa in the rest of the world. But then maybe something could be true in the history of the "bloqueo"? While waiting for the history of music gives us an answer (but then again, who really cares …??) we take a look at the reality of Cuban music, meet the heirs of Van Van in Timba and Orishas in urban music, or Cubaton. the Los Van Van to the Charanga Habanera and Gente De Zona: Cuban music is constantly evolving and thanks to this great turmoil, continues to churn out always new that with their notes send us increasingly feel like dancing … 3 of these artists, emerging or superstar, are the protagonists of the Compilation CD accompanying this number of Latino!, with 4 tracks world premiere! Here they are: Alexander Abreu y Havana De Primera, which won the award Cubadisco 2010. Abreu is probably among the best trumpet players in the world, boasts a resume: he began his career in the Elite of Paulito FG, but his incredible skills as a trumpeter took him to range from Cuban timba Jazz, Latin, Afro Funky. Osmani Garcia, at 19 years and starts to sing in 2006 come and he joined the Elite Group of Paulito FG. In the same year Salsa Festival of Cali, Colombia, which is considered one of the most important in the world. His music is very varied and ranges from timba to salsa, from reggaetón to guaracha. When Osmani seems to be the new Star of the urban movement, given the crisis of historical groups like Gente de Zona and the breakup of Los 4. Charanga Habanera, the legendary group founded by David Calzado, true Superstars, famous not only for the music for the choreography of their performances. To interpret them, as well as the leader David, young singers (change often) accompanying the singing ability "physical" ones, making him sigh all their fans for this reason do not lose even a concert! But we cannot forget the other important names of Cuban music of the moment, albeit not on this Cd of Latin (but in all other previous CD!): for timba we Maykel Blanco, jumped into the limelight with the CD "overbearingly Recoge y Vete", followed by the resounding success of "Anda y Pegate" and the last ballatissimo "Soy Lo Que Te Hala". The Miami Cubans, led by Timbalive, triggered the "famous" Boris, better known in Italy as the singer of "Mama Insegnami A Bailar" and then Tirso Duarte, Danny Lozada and Alain Daniel with his "El Zorreo" has made trigger feet across the world! And for the Cubaton, the group that in recent years has literally hit the box office in America as in Europe, what in the shortest time has gone from playing for friends "De" to the most important stages, is definitely Gente De Zona, the Cuban group stronger up to now but today seems to mark time. In its wake, in fact, have already stand out more new names such as El Micha, (we mentioned in the previous issue) Dr. Lopez, Kola Loka, Los Confidenciales, Choco Mc, while there is a strong revival of historic artists like urban, pioneers of Cubaton as Baby Lores, who has recently published the beautiful CD "Más", Insurrecto, El Chacal, definitely no more emerging artists but re-emerging, thanks to the space created following the departure of Los 4 who lost their singer Damian, and creativity. You notice for months a great crisis of historical names of Timba as Van Van, Elito Revé, Adalberto Alvarez and Manolito Simonet which are no longer able to make hit songs as they have in many years, but hopefully their creativity come back strong again as before. But surely many other strong Artists will emerge in the coming months, and Latin! will always be there, on site, to inform you and offer you the best music de Cuba.

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