Cancion cubana Bolero

Cancion cubana bolero

Cancion cubana Bolero time has nothing to do with music and Spanish song of the same name. The inventor of the Cuban bolero, José ' Pepe Sánchez (1856 – 1918), also known as the father of stiletrova was born in Santiago de Cuba. Blessed by great talent, he composed in his mind songs that never wrote. Fortunately, friends and followers they recorded about two dozen of his compositions, who still feel today, entwined in the verses of various numbers of son, danzón, mambo and Cha-Cha-chá.

The music of Cuba is based largely on its European and African origins. The arrival of hundreds of African slaves, over the course of three centuries helped shape a wealth of new musical forms. Deeply rooted in the African rhythms, the music of Cuba has its power melodic to Spanish colonial heritage. The lively and powerful Cuban sounds have influenced musical styles throughout the world, with an impact that continues to this day. Specific dance forms, relating to specific genres, over time they are mixed, evolving into new styles of expression.

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