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Biography Stefano Mihavana dj

Stefano Mihavana dj Starts the first dance steps in less than 6 years of age in the school of master Calgaro, demonstrating excellent results right from the start in bids and national championships, coming to categories of class a.

At 16, he began taking lessons in Caribbean dance from one of the masters of greater grandeur in those years, the Maestro Luigi Marini, either by having written a book for the master's diploma, both as a representative of Caribbean dances at a competitive level, supported by the Cuban Teacher Iris Calzado.

After many studies with Cuban Masters like Fernando Arozarena, Luis Camino, Menfis Teuntor and Teresa Castañeda, participates in the television program in 1999 "champions of dance", conducted by Lorella Cuccarini and Giampiero Ingrassia (, ranking in second place after 3 qualifying stages.

Immediately captured by the opening in 1999 of a local 100% Cuban in Vicenza, the famous Mi Habana Café Isola Vicentina, spends her evenings in the company of musicians and dancers, deepening their culture and the different methods of dance.

It is in that year that Stephen starts his first local approaches as a dj and entertainer, then delve into the mixing technique to be competitive in the act as a dj in various clubs in the industry.

Immediately starts with the stage name dj MIHAVANA for his passion for "Isla grande", playing exclusively Cuban music in the best places of Salsa in the region, with the first true debut in 2003 at the Relax Club of Padua, but the room where he works for 7 consecutive years (2004/2010 inclusive), expanding its experience exponentially was the Crazy Bull Torri di Quartesolo (VI), directed by master Cuban Fernando Arozarena.

He made many original CDs with entire discographies of popular orchestras, early 78s in the premises as: Northeast (Ramsbottom), Hollywood (Schio VI), Latin Paradise (Campodarsego PD), Mango's Village (Bussolengo VR), Hollywood (S VE), Villa Bonin (Vicenza), Villa Barbieri (Padua), Gecko (Birkenhead), Gilda (vicenza), Corte Giustiniani (Vicenza), Relax Club (Padua), Crazy Bull (Vicenza), La Clave (Pastrengo VR) and many more.

In 2012 along with 4 employees, manages a Club of Verona "Rumbo Caribe", with the Organization firsthand Cuban concert as Maykel Blanco, El Micha, Gente de Zona and the first concert in Italy of the Cuban group/Peruvian Mayimbe.

In 2014 thanks to Seo Fernandez Lazarito Herrera, Cuban official festival dj 100% becomes "REMENEATE", which is held every year in Pesaro.

In 2014 begins his first radio experience with the web radio "RadioNoventa" heading entirely dedicated to Cuban music, of the name "CUBA".

From September 2015 collaborates with the web radio "Lasestereo" Latin radio 24/7.

Dj Mihavana sa win professionally his audience, broadcasting its love for the genre, filling up the slopes of the best Latin American events.

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