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Biografia Walter Baez

Biografia Walter Baez


I am a New York City club/event DJ with over 30 years of experience specializing in the sounds of Salsa Dura and Dance music. I’ve had the pleasure of performing in many of the major clubs in New York City such as Webster Hall, The China Club, The Roxy, Latin Quarters (LQ’s), The Copacabana, and The Palladium to name a few.

For the last two years I have steadily made a name for myself in Salsa industry circles through the popularity of my personalized Salsa music megamixes, which have garnered praise from artists and fans alike. These recordings, which I have posted with regularity on my personal Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and Tumblr pages have received thousands of downloads, and have aired on several Latin radio programs around the globe.

As a result of my growing online presence and the notoriety that I received from my DJ mixes, I was eventually recruited by Salsa music veteran Izzy Sanabria to become a participating member of his Salsa Magazine collective. As the former Music Editor for Salsa Magazine I generated weekly music playlists, wrote periodical album and song reviews on the latest Salsa releases, and aided in the early development of the Salsa Magazine award show by helping to devise award categories and the full list of award nominees.

My latest musical venture, which has become a passion project of mine, is the creation of What started off as FaceBook group page just a few months ago has now evolved in to a website filled with song reviews, music videos, weekly music playlist’s, news articles and more. Our aim at NewGenSalsa is to become the premier promotional forum for new and emerging Salsa artists looking to spread their music to the masses, and our hope is that we can serve as a key cog in elevating Salsa music to the heights of its glory days. We welcome all artists, fans, and music lovers alike to share in our vision.

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