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Finally all the music fans of Alexander Abreu and Havana D'primera can download their latest album, La vuelta al mundo, coming out this year with the signing of Pafata Producciones.

According to the Facebook profile of Yvette Guevara, producer of the Cuban group, after "the resounding success of Pasaporte (the previous album Havana D'primera) we are convinced that the twelve themes included (La vuelta al mundo) will undoubtedly live up to expectations" created by the latter.

"History is made, it seems to paraphrase the first album (2009) of Havana D'primera, titled Haciendo Historia. The story of HDP has been intertwined with the notes of their achievements. The way of music, stories and games.

La vuelta al mundo "is a song made of virtuosity, by a rain of syncopated rhythms and stellate. It is also a popular poetry and is relevant to the Group and in the modulation of the voice.

Cuban music danceable requires a certain importance, a shot of blood and soul, a touch of wisdom and tenacity, this is HDP, and is present in the new disc: a silent tribute (without unnecessary arabesques, without other embellishments after the talent) to the people, to Formell, to sound, to Cuba. A gift of energy, a moment of grace that Pafata Producciones offers us with that effort that has always distinguished his creations and productions.

Musical tastes revolve around a universe and turn away from the center point of this virtual universe. In this movement, you will place, con brio, vuela del mundo. Because these worlds have, now, a new CD made of light soundtrack where the sound montuno and congas are combined with a new sound recreating the magic of salsa, the unique and masterful Alexander Abreu Songo.

It's a record that will give a turning point, not only for the world that awaits him, but will invite the world to shop around in order to see the new Cuban music scene, which they are children, and examples. We celebrate this musical journey, this world tour from Cuban to Cuban because it is universal ".

Article taken from posted on March 27, 2015.

The referral link is reciente-disco-de-havana-dprimera/

Translation and adaptation by Mariangela Bognolo to

April 8, 2015

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