Harlem – Havana Music and Cultural festivals are a new beginning and – through music, Visual Arts, dance, cinema and Creole food – they'll know Cuban culture in the United States.
The first edition of the event will take place from 15 to 21 August and there will be many Cuban artists who will perform at various shows in New York.
The festival, according to Billboard magazine, was designed to celebrate the artistic connection between Harlem and The historical relationship in order to rekindle the Aavana that existed between Cuban and New York jazz musicians.
Among the guests at the Harlem – Havana Music and Cultural Festival, there will be saxophonist César López and Habana Ensemble, and the keyboardist Jorge Luis Pacheco.
For February 2017, a group of American artists, led by Smokey Robinson, will travel to Havana to bring their art on the island.
"Plans for Havana/Harlem are in development for over two years" that reported to Billboard magazine.

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