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"Amor Bonito" enchant Rey Ruiz

Amor Bonito enchants Rey Ruiz the famous Cuban singer Rey Ruiz is the protagonist of the new video titled "Amor Bonito", performed in the original version by Descemer Bueno and Lions Torres.

As reported by the website of the production Puntilla Films, the music video was directed by Yeandro Tamayo, who made also the first music video for the song.

"When Rey called me for making this video, I considered the idea not to repeat the formula of the other videos. The right way to do this was to bring the singer outside of studies and insert it in the context of the Cuban streets, among the people, "said Yeandro.

"We chose Loma del Angel, for the story you hear and what it stands for" very spicy ". In the local church, for example, was baptized José Martí, Alicia Alonso (…) we have a beautiful statue of Cecilia Valdés, because here was shot on film based on the novel by Cuban Cirilo Villaverde, is also a great love story (…) thinking a little bit to this, you can connect with the song "Amor Bonito" by Rey Ruiz.

This was necessary to capture the essence and energy of sauce that brings, and is present in the video, a Caribbean tone, hotter; for this (used) the Sun, the square, the dancers, "explained the Director on the website of Puntilla movie.

The return of Rey Ruiz in Cuba from joy to the singer, then finds that many in his native land, follow his music and his career.

In this connection he said: "I was able to ascertain, although I know that has followed my work, my music is played and people know me (…) I'm coming, not only for my work, also to thank public loyalty to my country over the years, and it cannot be otherwise if with good music and good video ".

Yeandro Tamayo strode before another video of Ruiz, it is a "gift", an audiovisual that is prompted by the love stories. Out of this experience he said "gift was the first video made in Cuba after a long time, but the fact to make accomplishment in the studio has prevented contact with the public and with people. Now, I would like to thank Yeandro for thinking of this video, "Amor Bonito", in this place so beautiful of Havana, because he only had a "gift" but the "amor bonito" of Cubans. "

Ruiz has done a phenomenal job with the team of the Puntilla Film, directed by Yeandro Tamayo who made possible the new image of "Amor Bonito". He pointed out that he came to Cuba again "because we want to tell the world that this is a good school, a good base, a good soil, good production. I can't deny that I charmed the colors, the lights, the technical part of the earlier videos and that is why I wanted to repeat ".

After her debut in 1992 with the CD Rey Ruiz, the singer has deserved the award for newcomer of the year in Tropical Salsa Festival singer of 1993. Since then, he has received several prizes and awards and many songs have reached gold and platinum record categories.

It is also known as "bombόn de la salsa" and is currently promoting his new song in several countries of Latin America.

(Information from Puntilla Movie Blog)


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