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If it is true, we always took full advantage of musical expression called "Salsa" at all times and in all times. Over the past year we have often complained about the one reflecting the new generation singers who can't play with ease compared to the legends of Salsa and there is no denying in that legend, though the transition time allows us to study these young people a space a strength and virtue, to revive this expression that so fascinates the world.

Currently, the theme of the song is quite difficult but not impossible, and is demonstrated by high quality productions that now have youth orchestras with high talent and with great music studio.

This time we will talk about musicians of the new generation of Salsa, but singers representing this beautiful kind, because with the death of Ismael Quintana we are required to do an analysis of what today is offered to us by the singing, the interpretation and the pregόn[1].

We start from our homeland, Peru, and talk of a young singer with a lot of experience as Renzo Padilla, which I consider a very versatile singer gave singing a Bolero, a theme difficult to interpret that impassioned very dancers, singing with an orchestra of new generation and having the honor of appearing on stage with Larry Harlow, Fania All Stars, Héctor Lavoe, Orchestra of Eddie Palmieri , just to mention some of the most representative, without doubt, our best representative, currently, and also not only as a singer but as a composer.

We also have the pleasure of knowing that he has a future ahead of him, as a complete musician and singer of the city of Trujillo, C D'richard with his piano and voice and makes us understand how important talent; and the singer Huacho Cesar Vega, who earns a spot in this difficult world salsero due to its ease in improvising on stage and is much admired in one of the country's salseros like Puerto del Callao.

We are transported to the location of the Salsa, where no one can forget, just like New York City skyscrapers, here two young manage to stand out thanks to their talent, the first is Héctor "Papote" Jiménez, who is a percussionist and singer, his voice takes us on a journey through the glory years and, together with the group called Los Hacheros , makes known the feelings and hearts, the true Son, feeling and taste of its soil is flowing through his veins. We cannot speak of a young man of great musical experience as Ángel Ríos. While singing conveys the essence and the mixture of tastes that led him to alternate with other bands such as Ray Rodriguez or master Eddie Montalvo.

 Puerto Rico land of flavor …

While Puerto Rico, regarding the sauce always will be in the critical eye of a musician or just a music lover, she tried a lot in generational change and confronts high singers who made this music for a long time, but I think someone has misunderstood and didn't leave room for new proposals or simply new voices who want to make known their feelings.

We start out talking about two guys like Gerardo Rivas and Norberto Vélez, that make up the group called NG2, which count various productions and musical experimentation that allowed them to know that they have talent and that changes sometimes are good because this genre remains the choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a great melody.

Let's talk about passionate proclamations and capacity which has the salsero, why you can't forget to mention names like Willito Otero, Jose de Jesús López Rodríguez, Julio Vega, Manolito, Kayvan or Anthony Garcia currently singer of Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, singing following improvisation, that spark that you don't get at school but is in the heart and expresses a feeling in every word that flows at a time.

The way, the musical experimentation and hear the theme, they took us to appoint singers that have a name in the music scene, an innate talent like Carlos Of Castro (son of Alex D Castro), Juan Pablo Díaz, Carlos García, Héctor Bataola Cruz or the same Josema Lugo, that make up these elegant songs and show that the pace called Salsa is valid from now and for the future.

It is said that Cuba's musical influence, has always been a source of inspiration for any enthusiastic musician of the different rhythms of the Afro Antillean American folklore, this is the case of two young Puerto Ricans who experience new rhythms, as in the case of singer and percussionist Francisco Rosado "Antony" and the current Apollo Sound, Jean Rivera, who try to give life to this musical movement inspired by Cuba and its famous music for a dancer , the popular Timba.

Honestly, it was essential to hear my thoughts, because if we verify what was said on the sauce, now we can only sustain and transmit it in different ways. Undoubtedly "the sauce Maliciosa" will be present in every musical composition, in every neighborhood and in every corner where someone wants to just be happy.


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 May 7, 2016

[1] Act of promulgation aloud a matter of interest to the public and in particular the Act by which a party begins. Soon they were accompanied by music, by selling a way to become a musical genre.

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