In Puerto Rico

Ruben Blades-as I announced a few months ago, I am preparing the latest presentations regarding the sauce.

By the end of September, on day 3, I'm going to be with you, accompanied by Roberto Delgado & Orchestra of Panama.

With the respect they deserve, and with the love that I feel I wanted to emphasize what are my reasons.

  1. My first posting in Afro-Cuban genre was DE PANAMA in NEW YORK in 1969, 47 years ago.
  2. I started singing professionally with El Conjunto Latino, 16 years in 1966 to Arosemena, popes, fifty years ago.
  3. I prefer to suspend my personal presentations in a sauce like Ruben Blades when I still have the voice that allows me to meet the public, with the orchestra, the Repertoire and quality expectations.
  4. I have other musical directions I want to explore and produce. After 50 years of Salsa now we go in new directions.
  5. There is a possibility that I fall within the political process in the future. For this I would require to have secured before there are no pending obligations of any kind.
  6. NO I'M RETIRING FROM MUSIC. I'm retiring from touring of sauce.
  7. The presentation of September 2016 in Puerto Rico will be the last time that you go to the island as part of a sauce. This is not a publicity stunt.

Advice to those who can go to come and join us in this special musical salute to a country and a people that has given me so much.

I hope that people will buy tickets and not the sales company.

Thanks for your attention, a hug!

Ruben Blades

April 24, 2016

P. D:. Don't forget to tune in now FEAR THE WALKING DEAD

For the spectacle of September 3 at Coliseo de Puerto Rico, tickets will go on sale from April 29 in

Article written by Ruben Blades on 24 April, and taken from the Facebook page of Ruben Blades

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Translation and adaptation by Mariangela Bognolo to

May 7, 2016

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