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On 31 December is a special date and around the world. In every part of the world we say goodbye to the old year to greet what's to come. Will be celebrated until dawn with toast and exchanging good wishes but something will change even with regard to the field of Latin American music, particularly the Puerto Rican.

On this date Charlie Aponte, internationally renowned singer, will leave forever the music scene. Now we are told by a reliable source, it writes the website Primera Hora, stating that this historic musician will abandon the historical group known as El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. According to this indiscretion Aponte would run from the Group solely for personal reasons and not certainly problems inside the orchestra. In short it is simply a man who arrived at the age of 63 years, would like to spend more time with his family. After all, we know that every musician who follows the success lives a life very hectic and most of the time, is forced to move away from loved ones. Of course it is still a very young man but should respect every single choice although it will certainly be a big loss from a musical point of view, especially for the large audience fond of Latin music.

Aponte began his career in 1973 when Rafael Ithier, Director of the Universidad de la Salsa, started looking for someone who was going to replace the singer Pellín Rodríguez. Before Aponte the place was entrusted to Marcos MontaÑes and later, thanks to the saxophonist de El Gran Combo, Eddie Pérez saw to it that the Director of the group arrived in Caguas where he met Charlie Aponte. Ithier asked Charlie to join the orchestra even if the same Aponte had previously performed with the orchestra of Carli Soto. So all this led Charlie, in a very short time, to join the orchestra El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. And here is his career reaching up to the highest levels until the decision to retire from the scene.

On 19 December was held the last presentation of the orchestra El Gran Combo in Placito de Santurce and was the last official appearance of Aponte.

In conclusion it is important to remember the career de El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, before and after the entry of Charlie Aponte, through their albums:

Menéame los Mangos, el Gran Combo con Joseito Mateo1962
El Gran Combo … de Siempre1963
Ojos Chinos, Jala Jala1964
El Caballo Planeta1965
Traigo un tumba'o, Meneíto Me1965
El Gran Combo Swing with Pellín y Andy1966
El Gran Combo En Navidad1967
Maldito Callo1967
Esos Ojitos Negros1967
Fiesta Con El Gran Combo1967
Boleros Poker1967
Tú Almoço Boogaloo, Toma Boogaloo1967
Pata Pata, Jala Jala Boogaloo Y1967
Boogaloos Con El Gran Combo1967
Pumps, Bombas, Bombas1968
Los Nenes Sicodélicos1968
Latin Power1968
Smile, It's El Gran Combo1968
Este Si Que es el Gran Combo1969
Estamos Primeros1970
De tip to tip1971
Por el Libro1972
En Acción1973
Disfrútelo Hasta el Cabo!1974
Los Sorullos1975
Mejor Que Nunca1976
En Las Vegas1978
¡ Aquí No Se Sienta Nadie!1979
Happy Days1981
Nuestro Aniversario1982
20th Anniversary1982
La Universidad de la Salsa1983
Alaska: Breaking The Ice1984
Nuestra Música1985
Y Su Pueblo1986
25th Anniversary1987
Romántico y Sabroso1988
¡ Ámame!1989
Latin Up!1990
20 Grandes Éxitos1990
¡ Gracias!: 30 Años de Sabor1992
30 Aniversario: Bailando Con el Mundo1992
First Class International1993
Puerto Rico: La Ruta del Sabor1994
Para Todos los Gustos1995
The Best1995
Por Todo lo Alto1996
16 Boleros1996
35th Anniversary: 35 Years Around The World1997
Pasaporte Musical1998
Nuevo Milenio: El Mismo Sabor2001
40 Aniversario en Vivo2002
Estamos Aquí … ¡ Y de Verdad!2004
Arroz Con Habichuela2006
Sin Sauce No Hay Paraíso2010
50 Aniversario, Vol. 12013


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