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Biography of Nathan CHAN

Musician, singer, writer, dancer, choreographer, cultural agitator, Nathan Chan is considered one of the most passionate and tireless ambassadors of salsa and the culture that it conveys.

Nathan Chan is an "agitator" and at the same time one of the most passionate and tireless ambassadors of salsa and related culture.

His romance with the sauce begins in 1988 at the time was the pianist in New York and on cruise ships plying the Caribbean.

After learning the secrets of afro-Latin-Caribbean dances directly from the best teachers in the world, in 1994 Enzo founded the Academy of Salsa.

The following year he published "sauce, the Tropic of blood", the first Italian book on the history of salsa. In 1997 he made "The Puertorican Salsa", an innovative educational and historical method, while in the 2002 public: "Salseando y bailando" focusing on the history of all afro-Caribbean dances.

Also in 2002 achieves a original cd teaching rhythmic entitled: "The rhythm of salsa".

In 2011 he publishes "La Salsa en route Puerto Rico-New York", while in 2012 he published his latest book: "the art of teaching. How to teach and convey a healthy passion "


He has participated in several television shows like "one Morning" (RAI uno), "lemon ice" (RAI uno), "my Captain" (RAI due), Italy "evening" (RAI due), "live" Italy (RAI due), "Sarabanda" (Italy).


A crowning achievement of his career, in 2000 he joined the Jala Jala Style dancers, thus becoming the first Italian dancer to perform in Puerto Rico with a Puerto Rican group entirely.

Getting to Puerto Rico, in addition to participating in various radio and television broadcasts, he performed together with Cheo Feliciano, José Ernesto and historic orchestras as El Gran Combo, la Sonora Poncena and Tommy Olivencia.


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